little change up in the living room...

the tent came down (for now). i did some rearranging and i think it looks pretty good. nice to change it up a bit. J's out of town so i borrowed their AWESOME hepa vacuum and have been going crazy all weekend. i think i've cleaned the filter 4 times already. someday i hope to own my own.

good news at work--i found out that i only will be working 9-6 mon & wed now...no more fri. they changed my schedule for some reason at my 3 month review. tu & thu i can't work late b/c of watching B (even though that's done for now..shhhhh) 9-6 just isn't fun and i have much worse traffic getting home. hopefully soon they'll realize it's dumb and let me just go back to 8-5. all the managers but 1 are gone by 5 anyway so there's nothing i can do anyway.

went to the doc on thurs. she's so nice and she even thanked me for my card i left when she gave me the treximet rx a few months ago. she's going to shave down a mole on my neck and confirmed i have a cyst in my upper right arm. right where the muscle is. i think i'm going to have her take that out when i do the mole. hopefully a friday afternoon so i can relax all weekend. my doc was worried i wouldn't like the scar but i mentioned maybe getting a tattoo over it and she got excited too. plus i love scars but for some reason my body never lets them say. even after my reduction there aren't any left. i went and got blood drawn yesterday for my cholesterol test. i can't wait to find out the results! N's got to go get his blood drawn for his this week. then we can see if all the good dieting has really helped--he's lost weight so it should be a lot better.

weezie loves the new perch..

i switched the chair and the black loveseat. the chaise is a permanent fixture on the wall until the day we can get a new couch.


dianamite said...

Well I thought for a minute I was looking at S&J's apt! You have the same layout with the glass doors and all. How IS that cholesterol Ms. Kate? And is the treximent helping any. SRQ girl

TheNanny said...

Heh, I have high cholesterol too (well, high for a 20-year-old).
Thanks for stopping by my blog!