where'd that week go?where's trinie?

so last week was migraine week. i actually made it to work EVERY day! i went through 7 zomig. i get 6 a month and my doc was nice enough to hook me up with a sample 2 pack--so if you're doing the math, i have 1 pill left for 3 weeks. she writes the script for 9 but my insurance only covers 6 pills-they always have, never more. still have years to go before zomig is available in generic.

we had some sad news last week. on monday trinie (J&S's cat) ran out their front door. they've got signs up and i posted on craigs list. unfortunately they had to go out of town on saturday until this saturday. so we brought monkey to stay the week with us. he's doing good. our cats are really mellow with other cats. hooka's like a wise mom cat and weezie could care less. weezie just cares about getting her attention. (she's spoiled). I left the upstairs window & deck open so if trinie can get back, he could get in. there's food and water. plus i go up and get the mail everyday and check for him. V did some animal communicating with him last nite and supposedly he's ok but lost and hungry. so that was good news. i'm going to try to communicate to. N went to he shelter in HB and didn't see him. he was so sad when he got home about all the cats and dogs that have no homes. i get physically upset myself when i picture animals in shelters.

so please think positive thoughts! my bro's cat was lost in the winter and he got a call a few weeks later from a few miles away and there was thunder!

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