hot HOT! final days of summer...

you may have heard, we've had some hot-ass weather down here lately. the cats have not been lovin it. i went to target for a 2nd fan on wednesday last week & the shelves were emp-T! wally world too. so we've still got our little fan, but now it's supposed to be coolin down this week.

to follow-up on our monkey cat sitting week. he got super sick on thursday. N came home at lunch & noticed he was acting kinda weird, but he was only there for about 20 minutes. we got home from work & he was meowing really loudly- barely moving. it looked like his stomach was swollen & that was the pain. i called our vet to bring him in the next morning to be checked out. he kept acting worse, so we decided to bring him up to his house & stay there with him for the nite thinking he'd be more comfortable [even though he's was great with us all week & the cats got along fine]. about 10 pm he looked so bad, panting a lot & crying. we noticed little drips of bloody urine shortly after. i really got nervous. N said if this was happening to him, he'd go straight to the ER. that made the decision. we called our vets ER & brought him in. it was right next to N's work so it was close. they took him back, x-rayed & his bladder was completely full - the urethrae was blocked! if he'd gone much longer, the vet said the urine would have backed up to his kidneys & poisoned him. we were very lucky! i was in contact with J in FL the whole time, sent her a text of the xray. the next AM we picked him up to take to our vet for the next couple nites until he went home on sunday. we saw him on saturday & he looked so much better! he's lost some weight which was needed [17.3 lbs at the ER! big boy!]. when he saw us he totally recognized us & seemed happy. they have to feed him wet food now [which he hates] & watch him pretty well.

i had pepper-cat, a male, for 15 yrs & he never had this [knock wood]. apparently it's very common in male cats for the urethrae to get blocked due to there anatomy. there is a surgery they can have to get it "straighten out", but you can bet it's pricey! if you have a male cat & he seems to be sick in a quick amount of time[like less than 24 hrs], don't wait around! the vet said his T-cells were low which probably caused the infection.

after monkey's visit...my bro came down last tuesday nite with his new gf. they stayed thru sunday morning. unfortunately, i had to work during the week since i've missed so may days so far. i was able to get off a couple hours early 2 days which was nice. N took wednesdday off & they went down to the beach for the day. thurs & fri they went to a laguna beach cove while we were at work during the day. that seemed to work out ok. i wish i could have had more time off, but it is a tough time with work for me. we went up to J's on saturday for lunch. got to see B after a month & half. i'm happy to say she totally remembered me. she kinda remembered N [she loves his dark goatee]. she was fascinated by my bro's tattoos-trying to grab them off his arm. i don't think she'd really seen big color bands before. she's pretty smart & almost crawling!

we got J's leather love seat & matching chair so we were able to get rid of our old broken down ones. moving them was super fast. then J brought B down for a dip in the pool-she loved it. total water baby thank goodness! even better-the pool was actually empty of other people.

today phone is off & i only have to go to the pharmacy later to get my zomig for the month. this week should be back to our normal pace. next thrusday i get my cyst out!! i plan to take pictures [err have N take pictures] so i can post them for your viewing pleasure :) i can't wait!

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V said...

The dip in the pool sounds fun! Poor Monkey. I never knew that about boy cats...