the cyst was not removed...dammit!!

i was excited to have the cyst in my upper right arm removed on thursday. N got off work early to come with me & be my driver afterwards (just in case). i asked my doc if he could take pictures during "the procedure" but she wasn't really down with it so we didn't. first thing she numbed up the mole on my neck. it was to be shaved & sent off to biopsy (just in case). my upper arm was also numbed.

in a flashed she'd finished up with the mole on my neck. no pain at all--after the pain shot which ironically was the only part that hurt. she showed N the part she took off. next came my arm. after trying to feel around for it, she was having a hard time. then she took some skin plugs (very exciting). didn't hurt at all. N said the noise was a bit unsettling. i was praying the whole time she'd find it & i'd be done with it.

no luck. she said it was to deep and i'd have to have more "exploratory surgery" to find it...basically it wasn't worth it. so i'm bummed. it bugs me a bit. it's getting bigger but until either puss comes out or it starts to come to the surface, i'm SOL. [OH..the cyst on my forehead is apparently a BONE CYST. she laughed when i mentioned removal & said she'd need a chisel & hammer..i thought i'd be ok & maybe help my headaches..who knows. oh well]

she wasn't to positive about it from the get go--i made her try and give me stitches..have to show them something at work to justify taking friday off -- in the work peoples minds. not in mine. if i've got an approved day off..the reason doesn't matter to anyone.

here are some pics:
arm before
my stiches after no luck

close-up of 2 [maybe 3] stiches

shaved mole on back of neck

shaved mole close-up.


V said...

Yikes! At least you had something to show for it! I hope they try again some time.

HB Livin' said...

today the doc mentioned doing a referral to a surgeon if it still bothers me (which i assume it would) so we'll see..