SnapPea Crisps...you had me at cRuNcH

my newest addiction:

my bro introduced these to me on his visit. i LOVE, love them!

crisps on the table...you can kinda see the flecks of green snap-peas with the puffed rice.

crisp in hand. mmmmmm except they do get stuck in your teeth so having a toothpick handy for after is a good idea.

with my bad teeth, i can't eat chips for fear of breakage. these are awesome & healthy comparatively. shredded up snap-peas puffed with air. it's vegetarian too. they are nice & salty. i've been known to eat a bag a day. luckily for me, TJ's is across the street and they get stocking deliveries every day!

did i mention they're pretty cheap too...about $1.49 a bag. not bad at all. i like to break them up & mix them in with my brown rice for a little extra texture.

if you don't have a trader joes near you...i've found them on sale on amazon by the case at a reasonable price. they also have a caesar [ceasar?] flavor i've yet to try. sometimes i don't like to ruin a good food addiction. i'd totally order it that way if i didn't have tjs.

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