good friends' new baby..

my friends from the old days had their first baby this week. the dad i've known since 8th grade. we were friends for a long time. I got to know his wife A frosh year of HS. we had the same 1st period together and became friends. i used to tell her funny stories about this guy who was having women troubles. they met quickly there after at maybe a party or someones house. funny thing is both are from WS and grew-up pretty close to each other.

when A mentioned meeting him to me i was totally stoked. they've been together basically since then. over 12 years...[way beating out me & N :)]. they were going to have a big wedding but A found out she was preggers a few months earlier. so a small, private ceremony was held before becoming parents. i wish i could have been up there. i believe they will be excellent parents. mom is super grounded & smart. dad is easy-going & likes to play. their families are very supportive & tight.

here's to the happy Z familia! Little Malia

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