stitches removal & "real" cholesterol results...

went to the doc today to get the stitch(es) out. nice & smooth. i asked her about my cholesterol test results...was i diabetic already? should i have a glucose test since my trigs were 177? she kinda laughed. said the lab had recently changed the way they send the results to the doctors. i was the FIRST person to mention it...she realized she'd been writing the mailed out results to patients the old way...so NO ONE apparently has looked at there results for over a month & noticed something was off. that goodness for my love of reading test results & google & J. she's a nutritionist & thought it was off right away. i tried convincing her i was a special case (obviously :)), but she insisted the results were wrong.
Total Chol: 177 Trigs: 108 HDL: 91 LDL:64
so you know what this means...right?? my diet it friggin awesomely great and i don't really need to change anything or exercise more :) poor N still has some work to go. my weight is super low right now so i'm trying to get that up a little. more cheeseburgers!!
my stitch(es) came out today. this is what it looks like now
a little sore...more so that the day after getting them in.

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