the machines, they are against me...

this week was long & rough. due mostly to machines.

we have to mail out about 800 monthly statements at work. i get to do it with the help of the receptionist. this month i had to wait a whole week to get the pdf of 1588 pages from the "programmer". then i have to make sure they are printed front & back properly. this should be easy. i begin to print the pdf- i mean i try to. low and be-freakin hold, i can't print. too any of the printers i could use-there are 2. i realize this is not starting well. email IT [who gets in around noon], then magically they fix it. for some reason i was supposed to be happy about it. happy you broke something in the system then had to fix it??? i begin to print on 1 which decides to jam after every 4-5 prints. obviously this isn't going to work so i have to switch to the one i'm not supposed to use [of course this was an exception], and it's way far from my desk so i don't like it either. at least it managed to print w/o jamming.argggg

half a day wasted so far. could have had them all printed in a couple hours [how long it takes, when all goes well]

BTW- 3 people review the pdf before i get it to proof for errors. this month they all managed to miss that a bunch of accounts printed to 3 pages. i'm not going to get into details, but this makes for a really crappy time for me. i noticed between pages 750-1000 after spot checking the printouts. then i went back through every page to fix any issues. took the rest of the day into the middle of day 2. prints finally done it was on to the ancient POS folding machine.

i know, i know... it seems redundant but the folding machine did break. bossman [the only one who knows anything about this piece of shiet] couldn't fix it. got that email in the morning on day 3. did manage to get about 300 folded the receptionist stuffed in envelopes & got in the mail on day 2. of course....in the morning she decides to share that she realized the envelopes she had used were the OLD address ones. i looked at her with utter disbelief. this girl has 2 kids, married, likes she's smart, but can't notice anything. this is why i have strong feelings about procreation. i said well, we can't do anything now - i wish you would have mentioned something yesterday since i had others that were ok. i mean what did she expect me to say? oh shiet..lets go to the post office and find them? i mean, why even bother telling me your an idiot [more than is obvious to all]. i would never hire her. esecially in econimic times like now when so many smart people are out there that don't text, sit on facebook & myspace & make presonal calls all day.

day 3 we begin to fold the other 500 statements, stuff, seal & post. i think i forgot to mention that the "smart one" had to leave ealry all of a sudden so i got the joy of sitting up front the last half of day 3. she was only able to help fold and stuff 100 statements. left the rest for me & E to finish, postmark on the tiny postage meter they bought - which constantly feeds wrong [you have to literally hand feed the damm thing].

so the printer hated me, the pdf people are useless, the folding machine makes my life hell & postage meter is useless for bulk mail [duh].

something else was nagging me this week. thursday i did a test & that nite i let N know the fridge isn't working. he jacked the temp up to 5 on friday to make sure. when we got home there was no change. threw out all the milk, eggs & other stuff. transferred the water to the freezer which is working ok, but not at it's best. N went to the office this AM, maintenance guy came about noon, said he had to get a part & never came back. now the office is closed for the rest of the weekend & don't see justifying calling the emergency pager.

i can't wait to see what happens next week!

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