hooka & her leathers...

the new leather furniture!
her new fav chair. it replaced N's old leather one that was all crack'd up.
the love seat is in the background in front of the computer desk. it replaced the one we got for $10 @ a garage sale about 4 years ago. i'd gotten a green slipcover in the past year to cover up the wear a bit.

close-up of the fuzziness

when i went to the computer to upload the pics, she came over to join me on the love seat for a couple more. she is such a photo-cat!

she promptly yakked a giant hairball on the green slipcover i had put over the leather love seat. we tossed it. it didn't really fit the new seat..a little small but it was great for covering the old one & helping it last longer.

weezie doesn't seem to photograph well--maybe b/c she's all black--or is a familiar?
but here's a blurry shot. be careful of the eyes...they may hypnotize.

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V said...

I love the new leather furniture! It looks great! Hooka is such a ham... It probably is Weezie's coloring. Meg and Tosh both don't photograph as well as George and Pix.