busy days...

i can't believe it's almost turkey day! this month has flown by.

work has been keeping me busy during the day. i enjoy that because usually it makes the time go faster & i can get home. got some good news...i had a 6 month review - got a raise. i also took the opportunity to ask to change my work schedule back to 8-5's every day, instead of some days doing the 9-6's. that was approved! right before my review, we were told the company is declaring chapter 11. exciting stuff! almost like on the office right now. i'm not worried. i've declared chapter 7 & i'm still around. it just freed up all the incoming money i would be getting. i guess the CEO is getting sued by some folks so this is the way to end that. whatever.

we hit up 2 excellent warehouse sales on saturday. after N getting my tire rotated & getting Dim Sum. we discovered sundays are much better for selection at Dim Sum. it was less crowded, but not as much good stuff to pick. it's ok..learn something.

only 3 days of work this week. there's a rumor we may get off early on wednesday, but i'll believe it only if i see it - it hasn't happened yet. thursday we're going up to J & S's for dinner. S's dad & step mom, brother, sister-in-law & niece will all be there. i don't envy the madness, but i can't wait for the food!

3 recent shots. cats are doing really well. still a little tension, but it's cool.



campin' Hooka

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eewyuck said...

Hi there! I follow J-she IS amazing-Just want to meet this woman. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking Tim-he does look laid back and TOTALLY in his element..um..I mean forever home! The other two kits look equally "neato", they will come around and love Tim too.

Take Care,