Happy Turkey Day!!

i'm thankful i'm not whoever these guys were looking for last weekend. just another saturday in our 'hood. weirdest thing about this video-- at the 5 second mark there is a weird skip on it. i didn't do it. i'm totally thinking a gap is the space-time continuum or something like flash forward.

seriously though, i'm thankful this year for some many things. i'm going to brainstorm freely right now and we'll see what comes out...

my family & friends [of course], my cats, Jody- all she does for cats & her community, i have a job that is tolerable & close to home, N has a job -same deal, our cars are working, our fridge is working!, the noisy people downstairs are gone, we get to go to J&S's for a bomb ass dinner tonite, it's about 80 outside right now, i have indoor plumbing & hot water, a trader joes & del taco across the street, i live in the US [although sometimes i complain, just read the bbc.com front page everyday & you may catch my drift], gas isn't super expensive yet, some may seem a little odd, but whatEVER! ...

hope your holiday is full of warmth & the little things!!

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Strayer said...

Tim looks so laid back in your photo on the sidebar of him.

My adoption rate has gone to zero up here. Maybe I should bring a planeload down there to find homes or try. No luck here. Panick city!