10+ days of holiday...fa la la la la

i've been on holiday [oh, how i wish i was british]...from the computer. after hours of shopping online added into my general online things i was burnt! we've been home. relaxing with the cats. eating out at places we don't normally treat ourselves to [norms, sidestreet cafe, fat burger, in & out , i know big spenders!]

the cats have loved the extra time. they made out like bandits for xmas! grandma C made excellent cat presents, Strayer sent a soft cat bed (hooka has claimed) some snacks & toys, my aunt & mom also sent them some love. what spoiled cats. it's nice having tim who loves to play!

i got some great stuff from everyone. N did too and wanted me to say thanks also!

it's been a crazy, sad stressful year i'm more than happy to have end! we've got new things to look forward to--moving, a trip to LV & soon having our debt paid off! [mine has been a killer for me this past year & a half, which is why we haven't traveled at all]

have a safe new year! and here's a pic of hooka in her new pet pad.

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Strayer said...

I can't wait to hear about the move. It's this month, right? Are you getting packed for it already? Did you stay up til midnight new years' eve? (I did, but I'd gone to bed. Fireworks down the street alerted me that the golden hour had arrived). I'm such a homebody lately. I'm glad Hooka has claimed the cat bed! Happy New Year to all of you.