new place..

here's a pic of the outside of the new place. it's the second floor. all the apartments are in groups of 4 i think. we face the street which is fine. next is the floor plan. we've got to get renter insurance we found out yesterday when we signed the lease. it must be something new in cali or at least HB. it's cool though, shouldn't be more that $20/month total i think.

i actually took this with my cell since i forgot the camera & emailed it to me. i'm so high tech. LOL

here's the floorplan the same angle as the pic above to help you imagine it. 986 sq ft!! of course the ceilings are faulted so maybe that's included. the little box on the left end of the patio is our storage door.

now for a couple artsy pic's of Tim. he is such a snug-a-ler! he loves to crawl up N's chest and nap.

it's hard to see below...but weezie is on the back of the couch, hooka on it and tim right on the floor below and no hissing or anxiety.

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