just a quickie...

to vent somewhere about how incredibly busy i'm going to be today & tomorrow and i've only got 10 emails in my inbox....and they're all a mess of stuff. i get no help and people expect theirs to be top priority. i've tried to express this but it's not listened to. just 2 days till the weekend though thank god!

anyway...we're moving the 22-23rd this month. haven't packed too much yet. fortunately it's close so we'll throw clothes and stuff in the car. just have to move the furniture.

so time to go. i really want to do some good posts. someday again..there will be pictures. at least we have dinner at J&S's tonite so that's something to look forward too.


Strayer said...

sending you good thoughts, Kate, and I hope the move goes smoothly. If I were down there, I'd be packing boxes for you. Good luck on the move. But Moving is hell.

HB Livin' said...

thanks! i think it will be good..you saw we don't have too much stuff and we can get our friend steve to help ned w/heavy things. now all left to coordinate is the cable move..thats my fun chore for today.