New Year -- Hot Cat Action (with toys)..video

N thought a racy title would be funny.. see if it gets any hits on interesting searches. haha

Hooka & toy -- you have to help her b/c she doesn't like to move far

another video of Hooka with her toy from my mom

tim saying hi to the camera. he LOVES the toys gma C makes! (N's mom makes their favorite cat toys--custom for the seasons with lots of elastic string and the good nip. they are super strong, made with felt & our weak cats never can tear them up) all the cats love them.

i laugh at this frozen image on the video-- some fun shots of his nub.

3 legs runnin...

can't leave out my little princess weezie, on the heated pink blanket [she's taken after me so much LOL]

this afternoon B will come over to play for a couple hours. we got a great cookbook from N's bro with restaurant recipes. in it is red lobster's cheese biscuits. needless to say i've been eating them all weekend. there are 3 ingredients in the recipe, then you just add melted garlic butter to the tops! i'm going to make a fresh batch for J when she comes down. here's a pic below to tempt you. just reheat them for about 10 sec in the microwave the next day & they're almost as good.

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V said...

Awesome videos! Hooka and Tim were playing it up! Weezie is so funny... just hanging out on her blanket.