Easter Earthquakes [6.9, 4.1, & 3.4] felt in Huntington Beach, CA

another of my fears i can check off my list i hope. for years i've been worried an earthquake would hit while i was in the shower. this afternoon it happened. i thought i was trippin...like i sometimes do...but not this time. sine the water didn't turn off or anything i finished up as fast as i could & came on to share. cats, of course, did nothing.

went online & found out:
6.9 in Baja Mexico @ 3:40pm
4.1 in Cobb, CA [Northern CA] @ 3:49 pm
3.4 in Julian, CA [Southern CA] @ 3:55pm

FREAKY-it's like a cluster seismic thing going on!
Click above link to go to usgs website of below info.

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v said...

Being in the shower during an earthquake would totally suck! Sounds like the plates are letting off a lot of steam down there. I love the usgs website...