since my aunt asked...

haha..not like i wasn't going to tell you about my dentist visit on monday.

the office is in the same building as B's pediatrician. it's a nice office for sure...a few waterfalls and a giant flat screen showing invisalign ads over & over.

first i meet with a "case worker" [glorified dental assistant]. then i went to the hygienist. she was very nice and knew her stuff for sure. one of the best cleanings i've had in forever-no complaints there. she did the gum receding measurements & my back rich molar hit 666 so she put some powdered antibiotic in the gums in 2 spots. [OMGas i type this-cold chill-i'm thinking..does that affect my bc pills! shiet] i digress...which cost some out of pocket there but that was ok since i'd never had this before & if it works that's great.

meet the dentist after the cleaning. found out i have 3 teeth with cavities & 2 crowns that need replacing. 1 i knew about for a while, the second was a surprise. [as we know] most dentist i've been to are morons who apparently can't get a damm crown on my stubs well enough so there isn't a gap around the gums. i hate how much money they've cost me over the years re-fixing others mistakes & that i had to declare bk years ago because of my teeth....ANYWAY

my case worker comes back with the cost breakdown..here comes the FUN part. i come to find out this dentist is an out-of-network dentist for metlife. so everything costs more with him. i'd asked about this in the beginning & i'll assume it was mis-communication on my part & the receptionist for not clarifying the network detail.

do i still get the 3 cavities fixed here & pay a little more then find a new dentist? i can't go get another exam for 6 months so i'm a bit screwed. that's the recap. good times.

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