another new look & a jump!

i hope i'll like this better. to catch up--
we felt the earthquake last sunday. we were watching tv in bed then all the action figures started to move. i don't mid it when they are longer & more like a wave since it means it's farther away. hooka slept through it.

work has kept us busy all week. made it go by quick though. new to the posts is a "jump" button. you will now see the first half on the main page & the 2n'd half of the post after you click below. enjoy

my bday week is starting & i've already gotten a couple awesome cards from C! thanks!! i LOVE cards :) this week is a short week for us then we're off on our trip. more on that after.

V is in romania for a couple weeks just when i need her! hooka has to have a couple teeth pulled in july unfortunately. V has had tons of experience with both her cats on teeth extraction. good thing we put the apt after she gets back. hookas not in pain & still eating & drinking fine. or we would do it sooner but as those of you with pets know, this will be a pricey excursion with the anesthesia and all that. we got her an apt with Dr. Love so i'm happy. he's my favorite at the vet.

we've got a lot going on for july i'm excited about..offspring show, pageant of the masters, the july OB ON Buddhist festival & the 4th weekend with the 5th off PAID!!


HB Reggae Blog said...

I like your new template - it's a nice change !!!

Anonymous said...

looks good.