being tracked...another nail in the micro-managed coffin

new--this week at my work--IT installed a fun internet website tracking program. they'll get reports of what sites you're on, how long, & what you're looking at. i work friggin hard & i enjoy a nice blog post to read to relax for about 60 seconds throughout the day..no more.

at the O it wasn't half this managed, especially when you weren't the screw-up. problem is they can't block enough sites the management (aka my boss) wants to play on so this is the best alternative. big brother for a company with under 20 employees & only the hourly folks are watch'd- just give the slackers more to do! nuff said, but as usual the dumb ruin it for the rest. as long as my radio player stays. without music i'd go nutts. the Sirius i had used to work great, but then the reception went to shit for some reason.
2 more days this week then off for my bday fun!!

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