no cat tooth fairy?...hooka cat minus 4 teeth [extracted]

not that it mattered since the vet didn't give me her teeth back. N even had them write it on the chart when he dropped her off. oh well.

our little hooka had to end up having 4 rooted teeth pulled on thursday. she was doing the typical cat wobble from anesthesia when she got home pretty much all nite. by the next morning she was walking fine. she hadn't really had much water that we could tell so that was a little nerve wracking.

i was able to get off a couple hours early yesterday to get home & put the dry food back out. [it was up all day so she wasn't eating it..at least without our supervision] after cleaning her water dish & refilling with ice cubes & brita water, she was happy to drink. she's so picky! N bought about 19 different types & brands of wet food for her highness. she liked NONE. so weezie & tim were in wet food heave. it's a rare treat.
hooka is only eating her dry food so i'm watching really closely that it's slow going & she doesn't get any stuck in her open spots. she seems ok. we've given her 2 doses of the pain meds [liquid]. she likes to sit & zone out at the wall. typical. check-up in a couple weeks so hopefully everything will be good.
it's so expensive! thank goodness we split the costs. i almost wanted her to have as many out at once as they thought she'd need since it's the knock out stuff that costs the most.
mid-drink picture while on the pain killers :)


V said...

Oh good! I am glad she is doing ok. I was thinking about her this weekend. :)

HB Livin' said...

ok..no one told me about the whole lack of bladder/bowel control after anethesia. lol..haven't had a cat knocked out to have thought about it. next time, potty pads! haha. then the pain liquid gave her the runs, which were also left in some spots not in the litter box. she only had the pain stuff first 2 days after. now all seems back to normal though,thank goodness!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that hooka is back to normal.