Pageant of the Masters...first timer guide

last nite we went to the Pageant of the Masters which is part of the summer Festival of the Arts program in Laguna Beach, CA. the pageant is put on every summer. an volunteer cast & crew create & pose as famous paintings, sculptures and other artworks. it is amazing.

we've seen it on tv shows like Arrested Development & Huell Howser, so i wasn't really sure what we'd be in for or how the whole deal worked...with my personality type, these are things i need to know to feel comfortable. [i always said, since way back, i have to plan to be spontaneous. now i see why] i've decided to put what i found out to print [webpage] for anyone interested.

Prep Work...
i would check their website about a month out from when the tickets went on sale. then a couple weeks in they had a special 2 for 1! so that's how we got the tickets...p.s. i noticed they still have the special now through the end of july..we had GREAT center seats [for the cost]. pic on right of location..about right where we were but i did not take the picture.

made sure the confirmation page was correct, printed & pinned to the calender.
show starts after dark..says 8:30pm on ticket but more like 8:50pm by the time everyone got to their seats. Show was over at 10:50pm -1 intermission that is supposed to be 15 minutes, but more like 25.

what do you wear? what can you bring? i bet the pictures were awesome, huh?
wear: whatever..really. people were in jeans to nicer dress. it gets chilly once the sun goes down so make sure to dress warm or bring a blanket. my attire: new long skirt from old navy [thanks D&C!], tank, cowl...
then i added to increase maximum warmth outage. black socks worked since it was nitetime; long skirt & they really could have been tights to anyone looking. big, black shawl over top; bought at ross for J&S's wedding years ago but never out of date & doubles as a blanket. on my hands i wore the knitted hand warmers in blue my mom made for me last year; they cover just your hands so they are great when it's not super cold. my russian style furry hat i brought, but left in the car which was fine.

bring: seat cushion! fortunately i've had one i got at a yard sale years ago. i bring it to all sitting events [baseball, theater, concerts] where appropriate. people there were renting them for $3 a tush.

binoculars! even though we were in the center--which does really help--they were still needed to see the details. could also be rented for $3 + exchange of your ID for security [that line was long leaving]. first we'd look at the stage, then look through the binoculars for the good stuff.
it was really fun when they would show the cast moving into position..go to black..then relite with stage lighting to look like a painting. pic below shows a stage hand moving the "frame" with actors in place/character.

money. if you want wine, coffee or snacks. they also have artwork & a restaurant inside.
water. i had thought i couldn't bring in liquid but you CAN! so bring your own water or pop if you want. you won't need to much since it's not longer than 2.5 hours

pictures...pleaseNO WAY. they are photo nazis there. it was funny to see the ushers inaction. when a flash went off [only a few times] they were on it. either the person has to delete the picture or give them the film depending on the type of camera. you could probably sneak a couple pics without a flash, but it wouldn't even be worth it. better to enjoy the show & make mental postcards.

parking...i knew this would be an issue so being the good mastermind i am, i insisted we scout the location on saturday nite. only about 15 minutes down the 101 so it was fun. we checked out the parking lots, shuttle stops, street parking & came home. we had seen a couple open street spots super close to the entrance right around showtime on saturday, so we hoped that might happen on the less crowded sunday nite. guess what...we found a super close spot for free -street parking is great since anytime after 7pm it's free..so we didn't pay to park, have to walk far or deal with a shuttle. getting out was a piece of cake..we were on the 101 before most of the patrons had made it across the street to the parking lots. LOL

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