nothing interesting happened this week...so i'll ramble

hmmm. lets see. N has made the cats wet food addicts. i imagine they act similar to meth-heads feigning for the next fix. staring with vacant eyes, slight drool, sitting kitchen doorway vigilant for hours & of course...hassling the pusher man. his unrelenting efforts to find a brand hooka would eat lead up to this. when he's in the kitchen, they're there. just now hooka stared into the kitchen [noone was in there] for 45 minutes...dreaming of wet food. i never give it to them, so they don't bug me :) i give the cat treats.we have our own fun song/dance routine associated.

they blocked a couple more blogs i visited while at work this week. now it's really just a fun game i do. find a blog if i have any free time, read a little for a couple days then all of a sudden it will be firewalled from me. good times. this time they blocked this one. so silly! i bookmarked it at home now.

annual checkup on monday. that will be fun with Dr. Don. she rocks! i've got my list of questions ready to go. i like to make sure i have it down so i don't miss out on anything-it's $40 a visit for my copay so i want to get my money's worth. it's funny, when i don't have insurance i can get annuals and bc pills for a year for free, but when i have a job and benefits it's $40 for the visit & $40 a month on the pills..makes me wish i didn't need my zomig so i didn't need to have to have a job with benefits and could find something more worthwhile but not as good pay [not that my pay is good now] since the zomig isn't generic, i'm only allowed 6 a month & they are at the highest tier. with the current insurance i have that's $60- $10/pill, about the same as E. if i didn't have insurance, those precious 6 pills are $190...yep that's right so i'd have to have a really good paying job that didn't offer benefits to afford that without the health insurance.

do you know what this is from?

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