the Offspring are still AWEsome!

saturday nite we went to see the offspring at the verizon amphitheater in irvine. i was gong to get the tickets in march when they first went on sale. if you click on the month, you can read the post about that experience. service fees came out to the same price as a 3rd ticket, screw that.

cool thing was, live nation did no service fees for the month of june. i got the tickets for us. N hadn't ever seen them, i'd seen them twice & knew it would be a good show.

we left the apartment about 7, got the the venue about 7:20, scored with a super good parking spot [& parking was free!] then hiked up to the lawn. we decided to head straight up first then check out the scene. good thing we did because right after we parked, the first band ended & when we got up to the lawn at 8pm...the stage went black. offspring started playing! i was shocked. i figured they were headlining & 311 was going to be the 2nd band. not that we were disappointed! offspring played for a solid hour, no breaks. since they were who i bought the tickets for we decided it was cool to head out.

i'd seen 311 before, they were ok but i didn't know many of the songs plus the crowd decided to be stupid. for some reason, people started burning tee-shirts & waving them around. NO security was around or came up the entire time. just the food vendors weaving in and out of the crowd pushing churros & pretzels. last time we were at this venue, a chick had total alcohol poisoning in front of us and security didn't help her friends out either. not a safe place fore sure.

home by 10...we're such old timers. LOL

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V said...

LOL! Old timers... Yeah, I knew I was getting old when I thought about getting ear plugs!