Pay it Forward, for Squeakers & all...

this is squaekers the cat. if you click on the title it should take you to the newspaper article about him. i'm spelling his name the way his owner did on her card.

he was shot with a bb gun most likely & had to have his front right leg/paw removed. i was so upset & wanted to try to help in some way. unfortunately i wasn't able to help with the surgery at the time. about a month ago i was able to send a little to the couple, unbeknownst to them. i had never called or tried to get ahold of them, not really my style (introvert qualities coming out).

yesterday i received the nicest thank you note from mrs. johnson & a picture of squeakers! she sent me back my check assuring me his bills had been covered & wanting me to use the money to pay it forward. poppa - here it comes! she also said he's running the house again & reminding his other cat friend who is in charge.

just a nice reminder there is kindness out there & to pay it forward...she may be a Buddhist without realizing.


Strayer said...

How super nice! And thanks from Poppa too, as the one spending Poppa's money! How have you been, Kate?

HB Livin' said...

:) things are well. work is really keeping me busy all day so when i get home i veg out as much as i can. i just hope it'll calm down a little at some point...but at least it's a job so i appreciate that.