OBON festival last weekend...

we went to check out the OBON festival this weekend. In Japan, Obon evolved from the religious custom of honoring the deceased with memorial services. During this time, comparable holidays are observed throughout the Buddhist world. we went to the fest at the OC Buddhist Church in anaheim. N had some food & i got a strawberry shaved ice for a buck!

some pic's:

cookin' the Imagawa Yaki. N got a 3 pack
grillin' squid. didn't have that.
Okinawa Dango line was short when we got there..but dang-o, we waited too long & it got too long for the heat.
view from above.
teriburger-beef. the lady serving it was shocked he got extra lettuce on it. i guess not too many get it with the veggies.

where the bon odori dancin' & taiko "drums" were
traditional Obon dance expresses joy for the teachings offered by the Buddha

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