you may have heard, it's been a bit hot in our neck of the woods. the weekend was pretty rough, but monday was the worse..for a couple reasons...104 in HB!! & i woke up with a weird sore thing on my gums. when i got home i even sprayed the cats down with the water bottle, they looked so baked. the past couple days have been much cooler..but really humid which us folk aren't used too.

gum issue: i called my new dentist i haven't seen yet. my first appointment is next month. he got me in that afternoon thank goodness. after taking an xray & checking around he told me it was a virus. basically a cold sore on my gums. he advised rinsing with warm salty water & switching up with peroxide. he said if it was a bacteria, antibiotics would help, but it wasn't that. he still wrote up an rx for penicillin "in case". i think it's more a habit of our society that people want a pill to fix it. i assured him i wasn't going to use it,but if things got worse i'd be back before the next visit. i know it's due to stress..work stress...that's all.

but..tomorrow my bro is coming! N gets to pick him up at the airport since i've got a facil scheduled (thanks j). i've had it scheduled since before we knew & it's just after work so i'll be home pretty quickly. i've never really had one before. it'll be weird having someone else pick at my face. i like to do that so we'll see their techniques. :)


Strayer said...

Your bro! That's so fun to see family. How did it go? I keep trying to get either one of my bro's to come visit me. They're too busy.

HB Livin' said...

i know. it's been twice this year! and both times he's made all the effort which is great since his schedule is much more flexible than ours. i haven't been up north in almost 4 years probably, how bad is that.