afternoon at the bay... Crescent Bay

had my facial from J on thursday nite. sooo relaxing & informative! i was talking to facialist about migraines & found out not only did she get them, but all the women in her family do too. what sucky luck! she gave me a couple awesome pressure points for N to push on at the base of my skull next time. it was a great treat & not something i can do for myself so i totally enjoyed it- next up my annual haircut & color :)
when i got hom A was here.

Awesome weather yesterday for bro's first full day in town! after a de-LISH-ous lunch at sidestreet, we went down to laguna beach. there is a great little sweet spot right off the 101 J first took us too years ago. it's not usually too crowded & yesterday it was basically to ourselves. i hedged before we left & didn't bring my wetsuit. i should have. it was totally warm enough for normal people, but i couldn't bring myself to get my head wet/cold, so i couldn't bodyboard :( i could frolic in the surf like i like to though, i did miss J. gots some fun pics below & a little vid.

A had brought down some dungeness crab he'd caught the DAY BEFORE up north. i whipped up some cream cheez, avocado, crab wontons for the fry daddy. A & N had 2 of the omaha steaks. then we had crab legs. soo good & i totally failed on taking a picture.

right now N & A are at the car store for more stuff for the jeep, i've got freshly cubed hashbrowns cooking & once their back, crab eggs benedict w/ hashbrowns & "dirty" bacon will be had.


Strayer said...

Looks so fun, Kate. Was that the same beach we went to, when I was there? Mmmmm, crabcakes!

HB Livin' said...

this beach is down in laguna about 45 minutes south on the 101. on saturday we did go to the beach i took you to. they bodyboarded there & i absorbed the sun :). then they spent about 5 hours that nite and 2 the next morning fixing neds jeep. my bro is awesome at cars, it did not rub off on me at all though.

HB Livin' said...

i've been meaning to let you know how much i love the mom cat with the 4 kittens...i hope hope someone out there will help adopt her and her family! when some people say they put it on facebook you'd think that would do it...but then it never seems to happen. i don't go on those social sites, don't have the time for it..too much reality tv to watch lol.