company last weekend...

last week N's parents rolled into town with tosha dog & their new 5th wheel (& truck - to tow of course ;)). they found a park to hook at close to us & right across the street from the pacific ocean. it was a nice set-up, quiet at night, clean; even a hot tub.

friday N talked them into a trip to costco for cat litter, TP & dishwashing soap. we are nothing if not exciting down here. when they were ready to go, C was trying some samples of gourmet popcorn. thank goodness since N got 2 bags of cinnamon bun & 1 other one. i ate the cin bun bags in 3 days, they were so good. i wish we had a membership, then again it could be bad for the weight.

that nite we went to The Market Broiler to eat. we've driven by it since we moved here, but never made it inside. one reason was it's always poppin when we go by. the chowder was good. i had shrimp tempura sushi, i know...oxymoron. a good time was had by all.

saturday i had a lead on another sale. they were game to get up early & head out into parts unknown. turned into a good idea. we were going to hit up this thing called "Cartchella" inCM, but N wrenched his back. so we laid low that nite. hit up dim sum on sunday. after brunch we saw a swap meet close by. checked that out for a while. i bought a book i had growing up. it was part of the halloween book set we put out during that time. N put up ok with it for a while, but then it was obvious the back wasn't too good. went home & chilled. "somehow" we ended up at In & Out for dinner. ;) monday sidestreet for lunch & steaks for dinner at the beach. tuesday am they were off to san deezie for the day/night to hook up with homies, then back up north.

it was nice to be able to relax together. seeing tosh was an awesome bonus to the trailer.

D's chef's special shrimp stuffed w/spinach

N's all american meal

my "sushi". they should NOT have covered it in that thick soy sauce. too much salt.

hangin in the 5th

Tosha dog & N

she smiled for me :)
*all pictures taken with my phone!!

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