lovin Skype!

i just had my first "real" coversation via skype with J. it was awesome! we'd sorta tested it before they left, but not much. finially the times were right [with the 9 hour time difference], the planets aligned & i got to see everyone!

it's wierd. i remember when i was in high school, you'd be talking to on the phone for a while. it seemed like eventually the convo would get around to the subject of "if we could see each other" while on the phone. now you can..

technology is crazy scary exciting.


American Foodie in Gent said...

It was good to talk to/see you, N and the kitties via skype. Maybe we can try again this weekend. See you soon:)

Strayer said...

That is amazing. What kind of video cam do you have for your PC?

HB Livin' said...

our PC died over a year ago & since then we've had a little acer laptop that came with the camera installed.