TIM Day!!!

1 year ago today tim came to live with us!! we were so lucky. the story started here then here the he came down . we have been having a blast ever since.

thank you again & again to Strayer. we love to watch him scamper. he loves "campin" in his tent, crashing string & spotting tiny bugs [not eating them though].


beauty shot

in all my glory

scampering fool

campin man

the closet they've gotten all year, weez bolted right after

sun buddies
me & Jody- 1 of the most beautiful people i know!!


American Foodie in Gent said...

Happy Tim Day!!!!

Strayer said...

Tim, Happy Anniversary! I remember how you wowed the flight passengers with your laidbackedness. I remember my own three hour vacation in HB and I loved it! Happy Anniversary Tim! I am so happy you got a great home. Now, about the three others here, from same house: Meesa, Fantasia and Echo. Your job, Tim, is, to find them a place, preferably in HB also, so that I may come for maybe this time a six hour vacation! I loved that beach. Kate, thank you for providing Tim and obviously luxurious home because he looks fat and happy!

HB Livin' said...

thanks!! time listened while i read the comments to him :)

i wish we could take the other 3 also!! & sage :)

Strayer said...

Me, too! You need a huge cat ranch! Boy, wouldn't that be something. My hair looks even worse than usual in that photo but I love the photo.

I remember that bizarre cell tower I saw from the balcony of your old place, that was disguised as a palm tree. Remember that? I also remember all the little oil rigs everywhere, even in backyards. That was so fun, even though I was so tired out.

Sage would love you. So would Meesa and her quirky strange girls. They are something else. Tim would LOVE Fantasia and Echo.

HB Livin' said...

i've always wanted a place for all unwanted animals (within reason). of course i'd be willing to adopt out who i could. i've got the pic of you with the antenna tree still. it's a good shot, your bangs are out of your eyes :)

the oil rigs in yards are definately odd.