tuesday of awesome-ness...

today was a great day & i will recognize that publicly.
1. came in to work to find this at my desk. :)

2. i then listened to my recorded Radio BAM from last nite. towards the very, very end, chad is talking about the new CKY album & tour this march. i check out CKY ALLIANCE online &what do my eyes see...friggin CKY are playing march 4th- right up the street from us at a tattoo convention. maybe they'll want a place to hang.. huh? lol
& maybe i'll finally get my tat done ;)

3. to end the good news, i got the ok from the surgeon to get an EKG before they put me under. first they weren't going to because of my age & that i quit smoking, but i had doubts. sometimes it feels like i have a little chest pain & i don't want that to affect the GA at all.


Strayer said...

I'm glad you are getting an EKG. Not to scare you, but I knew this woman, a saint really, actually I met her only once in a parking lot in Portland, when she drove down from near Seattle and adopted Rainbow, a cat whose jaw was broken when shot up in Burnt Woods. Two years later, she gave birth to a baby, went home from the hospital and suddenly died. I had thought something was wrong when I met her with Rainbow. She seemed pale, her voice thin, something not right, but she was so smart and kind, like an angel, I thought she must be on top of it if she had a health problem. She had a genetic condition, turned out, her husband told me, because I called him, when I heard she died. Her aorta went to pieces literally, was like mush. It ruptured, disintegrated is why she died suddenly, but the cause was the underlying condition. I forget what the condition is called. But her symptoms were, that I could see, paleness and slight anemia. She was also cold all the time, she had told me.

Anyhow, do get checked out.

HB Livin' said...

thanks. i'm pretty sure i'm ok unless is something completely out of the blue. i've been going to docs all my life :) I'm pretty on top of my body/health paranoia.

even though it happened to someone it can also not hapen to someone else..instead of happeneing to someone else. i'm following all the doc advice & getting the tests done they advise so should be a-OK. thinking completely positive on this one.