what i spent my tax retrun on...

$295 doesn't go as far as it used too. i've had this on my list for ages. now seems like a good time. we didn't have 3 good cat carriers, so i wanted to get each their own for my emergency kit.

the lady at the store was in a little shock when she rang me up. i was like, "tax return". i'm not sure why i felt the need to explain my splurge to her. i was happy to spend it at the local store as well.

Hooka has one coming in blue.
Tim keeping an eye on the complex.

weez enjoying N's bday paper.

cat fountain action shot. Hooka LOVES it!
i saw weezie use it the other day,
but she & Tim are leery of the noise i think.

as close as they get..for the love of the heater.


Strayer said...

They are beautiful, Kate! And the fountain, my cats love mine, which I've had forever! To renew the filter, kill bacteria, I periodically stick it in the freezer overnight, rather than pay the massive dollars for replacement filters. Anyhow, since cats don't seem to drink enough water often, the fountain helps!

HB Livin' said...

thanks for the tip on the filter!!