done..fine..finito..finished..& snapshot saturday..

work in cali is Ovah! for both of us. officially unemployed now..OMG. haha totally not worried since we are super hire able for office work & willing to do the shit..

my last day was uneventful. just tried to keep training the kid. N got a goodbye cake, but didn't take a picture.

now it's serious packing time & getting ready for my bday (25th)!

$3.93 & dropping!

splurged at Albertsons.
Skinny Girl in honor of the Housewives, Strawberry Crush for the sweet sugar goodness & Whipped Vodka on advice from V.
Tried the Skinny Girl & it was good (but strong). if you like margaritas, i highly recommend it.
naturally flavor & no artificial crap.

weezie on the chest that came over with my Grandpa from Italy in the 1900's.


Strayer said...

Congratulations. Onward to Infinity!

WestCoastLivin' said...

success!! now to pick-up the last paycheck today :)

V said...

Congrats! Have fun packing! :)