Snapshot Saturday...

3 days left of work next week, 15th last day! training the new guy has been interesting.

it seems the falcons baby birds & i are syncing up with freedom. they have gotten big, shed their baby feathers & flown the coop. good luck! some new cat pics & randomness.

shedded feathers...checking the view.

ready to take off..

mom is still bringing home food & feeding..

huddled up together in the wind..

empty coop..

found this great pic on google images.
it's on my desktop at work.
like i'm looking out a window...

lunch..in & out today...

soooo good!!

weezie in the light..

get in mhay belly!

tim nip...

lotta good lickin going on..

i'll miss the view from our patio.
water features drown out so much traffic noise & look great.

over the river & through the apartments..to the dumpster we go :)


Strayer said...

So close you are, to the appointed time.

American Foodie in Gent said...

Yummm, in & out! You better get your fill before you leave. That cats look excited for the big move:)

V said...

So close to your last day! Congrats!