Snapshot Saturday...

we went back to Portola Coffee Lab today. i got a mocha this time which they make with gnache. it was excellent. we learned when they are busy they give everyone togo cups. next time we'll make sure & tell them it's for there, since it's so much better in the coffee mugs they have.

we were there during the farmers market. a nice surprise were the food trucks there. they are different each week. this time they had seafood, bakery, sushi, pho-sandwiches & bbq. i went for the bbq, after a debate with myself for seafood..but there's always a next time.

N also got some veggies, a larger cheese tamale & pita bread w/mozzarella balls & fresh taboulie (parsley, lemon juice, onions).

snickerdoodle sandwich cookie from Portola Coffee Lab.
filling is a mellow carmel, frostinglike spread.

it was so good!

one end of the farmers market

i had the third item, pulled pork sliders.

line shot.

pork slider. it was super tender. only caveat it the grease.
the bun was dripping in grease along with the pork.
can't wait to see how that'll settle in the next 24 hours ;)
N's jumbo Cheese Tamale.

taboulie, mozzarella balls & pita bread $10 for everything!
super fresh & delicious.

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Strayer said...

Yum!!! I've been eating from my garden although I haven't got much. The weather has been too wet and cold. But I have lettuce, strawberries and onions at least.