past week of making the eatin rounds in HB...

we've been eating a lot last week-- all our favorite treats..
white pizza from NY Upper Crust, Sidestreet Cafe, Portola Coffee Lab, In&Out, Sonic, Tom's Place, Norms, China Garden- Dim Sum, Pedros, Miss Priss Cupcakes..

we've also done some "sight seeing". took some pictures of stuff we'll miss in the area.
below for your amusement :)

Dim Sum spot

Miss Priss for my Bday from N

N's Turkey-Cran sammy from SideStreet

SideStreet home fries


Tom's Place with the scallop home fries

J&S's old apt downtown HB--13th&Orange
3 blocks from the ocean, where i lived when i first moved down.

the view down 13th street to PCH & Ocean

HB PCH wave bus stops


State Park

metal wave sculpture

HB Hyatt PCH overpass

tim before move

weezie during move


American Foodie in Gent said...

What a walk down memory lane, I can't believe we all lived in that old apartment...those were the days. Too bad you didn't stop to say good buy to BJ (Charlie) :)Hope you are having fun in B'ham. Sounds like the river rafting trip was just your kind of adventure- ha ha!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

that little apartment..so much fun!! BJ the traitor. you would have had fun on the river trip too :) still researching new-better-rafts.