river wild..

yesterday we went on our first trip of the year down the Nooksack River. N & I had picked up some cheap rafts from Freddy's & A had his kayak. after a few unsuccessful trail runs to find the river..we dropped in. water was super cool. outside temp was nice & hot. i wore my wetsuit & it was perfect..i didn't even sunburn.

about halfway down it got a little fast where a log was sticking out almost across the whole river. N was caught up going for the middle & ran right into it. the raft popped & we had to do a quick rescue mission. after some gnarly scrapes..he was ok, but raftless. 2 choices at that point, continue on or hike back out to the main road & hitch to the truck. i suggested to hike out at that point. my raft paddle wouldn't stay screwed together, so everytime i "needed" to paddle I could go a couple thrust then had to re tighten along with the air magically disappearing from the main compartment ever 10 minutes.

we pressed on per N. he used a concoction of abandoned float parts from other rafts until those floated away from him. we were almost to the end at that point, but you just couldn't see it from around the bend. N decided to hike along the river instead of getting back in & sharing the kayak with A. we made it down the rest of the river ok & finally met back up.

didn't take too long..about 4.5 hours which should have been a couple. the day was the hottest it has been up here so we timed it perfectly. it's cooled off quite a lot today. no pictures & i'm glad i didn't try to take my camera.

PS if anyone tries to call our cells, we don't get reception at the house. it comes in about 6 miles down the road toward town. this includes texts. :)

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