Thunder needs to be introduced. he is my brothers cat who started hanging around his place a few years ago & they adopted each other. a couple winters ago, Thunder disappeared for weeks. my brother had signs up & kept searching. after a few weeks, a call came from the local Brewery about 6 miles down the road. Thunder had shown up there! they had a flyer of him being lost & after an overnite of Thunder meowing constantly at the brewer, he looked at the Lost & Found board, thought it might be Thunder & called A to come take a look. even being super skinny..it was Thunder for sure.
he hasn't ventured far since that expedition. him & tim get along great. he's an egyptian mau..similar to meeko [M&E's kitty how stayed with us for a little while].

watching me from the bush

what a face

always moving

outside our bedroom window..
talkin to our cats in the morning.

patrolling the property with the guys..
also..picture angle for J :)

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