North Fork Brewery..The Woods..Pepperdock..

we had dinner at the North Fork today. i'd been there a few times last time we lived up here. N loves it. the pizza is super thin. it was ok, but the sauce was a little sweet tasting or me. next we'll try Rudy's downtown. i loved their white pizza before, i hope its the same!

we also found the best coffee drive-thru. The Woods. they have a few locations. they make their mochas nice & chocolate for me-without asking for an extra shot of chocolate. N enjoyed his latte a lot [don't compare to Portola of course :)]

on thursday we went to West Seattle for lunch with my mom. it was crazy how many of my old favorite places to eat were gone..& the amount of new places that had popped up, just in the 3 blocks of alaska junction alone! maddness..what i wouldn't give for a Bison Creek Pizza or Snubby's sandwich right now.

North Fork: Brewery, Beer Shrine & Wedding Chapel

beer shine 1

beer shrine 2

beer shrine 3

beer shrine 4

they serve the water in used wine bottle & leave them at the table.
N had 2 samples: stout & scotch.
stout was nice & thick - also used in base on french onion soup.
scotch was nice & crisp.

cup of French Onion soup w/stout used in vegetation base

Dough Dippers with sauce. these were better than pizza for me.

half mushroom / half roasted garlic

the hippy dippy waitress bagged up out to-go
this way. one side on top of the other, stacked on paper plates in a bag.
she wasn't the best at all, so the tip wasn't to special.

Pepperdock on Alki for lunch.
I like their cheese burgers & fries.

N's fish & chips. he was really impressed with them.
happy to have that instead of mahi mahi for a change of pace.

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