fire..fire @ the ranch..

we've had a couple fires in the pit so far, i love them-the heat & to poke the fire with my pokein stick whiile toastin up smores. another awesome treat to living here is gerty meat. she is a local lady who sells meat cuts direct. the sausages are even gout-ok for my brother. her ground meat melts in your mouth. the bacon though...mmm... bacon...is to die for.

gerty bacon. strips cut in half for quicker consumption.

fire pit

N cookin his smore in the pie iron.

melted in iron.


my smore..prepped. bacon on chocolate on cracker..

real way to toast marshmallow :)

yum. tasted a little like the marshmallows in
Lucky Charms..with the salty addition.

Thunder-cat lounging in front of the fire

Tim out & about

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mom said...

Yum, Yum! Looks and almost smells like country living at its BEST!! Never thought of bacon on smores, but the idea makes my mouth water, great idea, we'll have to try it at the ocean! What a peaceful change to city life.