saturday nite we dressed up & went to town. M&Q have a friend who was singing at an art gallery in town. it's been a while since we've been to see live music. it was also cool to be able & walk around the gallery to see the paintings, photos & artworkl. we all dressed up--some shots below if you...

Mad Cow (J) & Butcher (A)

Zombie (N) & Nacho Libre (Q)

80's chick (M) & Geisha (K)

K & N

Dem Bones (J) & Rasta Skeleton (K)


V said...

NICE costumes! Did you get to use one of your wigs?

HotFudgeNubbins said...

totally! i used the black with the purple & put it in a bun on my head..hard to see in the pics :)