getting it up the ass..from citibank

i made a mistake on my last online bill pay and accidentally clicked pay full balance instead of the minimum. realizing what i had done i promptly called citibank. they said i had to wait until all the NSF (2) charges went through, BEFORE i could call them back about waiving one. Bipin & Heather assured me it would hit my account 2 times. called back today and Juan let me know they can't do that??? i asked again & he changed his story and said he would try 1 waiver??? WTF who trains these people. i mean, there is an amount of common sense that comes with being in customer service. I KNOW that since i've done CS most of my life [1 way or another].

my bank account was hit 3 TIMES!! $87 for a $20 fuckup
i was ok eating the 29 and even the 60 but a 3rd run?? $90!! 

where are the consumer groups that supposedly advocate our rights? how does a cc company have the right to spend a WEEK of bank time re-hitting someones account once 1 NSF is returned. just another reason this country is so backwards..it's about the fees & the $, not about ANY common sense.

ridiculous! project for today: finding a new cc- no more Citibank!!


Strayer said...

That is so horrible and awful and yes, who is watching these banks anyhow? To cost you that much money too makes me sad and mad at them.

Anonymous said...

Locally owned credit unions rock