Tim Day..3 years with us!!!

3 years ago, Tim came into our lives with the help of strayer.
we LOVE tim and all his scampering ways.

strayer found tim in the dregs of albany while she was trapping cats for TNR. he dragged himself up to her. she realized his back leg wasn't working and had old wounds on it that didn't heal. she took him to her vet and they promptly took off the bad leg. here's a pic of him after surgery, recovering with strayer's love.

we contacted strayer to let her know we were interested in adopting "tiny" tim. her brother was so generous to donate the flight tickets with his miles for her & tim to fly south to us.

strayer stayed for a quick 2 hour visit. i was able to bring her to the beach to enjoy the sun for a minute.
me & strayer

tim has fit into out clouder perfectly! he is a little sausage now.

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Strayer said...

Oh my, brings back such memories, the three hour vacation in HB, meeting you guys, seeing you again when you moved and stopped in Albany, seeing Tim flopping up that Albany sidewalk in the dark that night, unable to believe my eyes. Am so happy he and I found you guys. Love you guys. Love and hugs to Tim the tripod with the heart of gold.