Witco Wood & Metal Cat Wall Art

Witco Cat circa 60's
got this recent find at an estate sale on 1/2 price day! i haven't seen many online that are both wood & metal. there are lots of Witco wood cats, but no added metal accent. this company did the furniture for Elvis Presley's Jungle Room at Graceland. they also did a lot of "shag" style art & leaders in the Tiki rage.

i can't wait to find some more Witco art. this is why i go to garage sales, not only for something cool; but to learn all about a new(old) company & their great history in Americana Culture!


ab said...

very cool.
where are you going to hang your new treasure?

love garage sales too!!

Strayer said...

Love it!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

it's next to the TV.