What About Bob? Burr 4 Bellingham City Council!

Bob Burr's Website:
- WORKS & Lives in Bellingham
- Anti-Coal
- Anti- Drone
- Plan to Protect Lake Whatcom Water Quality
- Familiarity with Waterfront Development & Port
- Understands Issues with our Transient Population & ways to help.
- Accepts NO Contributions - No one OWNS Bob!!
- Pro Living Wages & Better Social Services
- Longtime Resident of Bellingham
- Owned a business in the Bellingham; experience with permits, zoning, construction ect.

- NEVER has voiced opinion on Coal Train Issue
- NEVER has voiced opinion on Drone/Border Issues
- NEVER has voiced plan about Protecting Lake Whatcom Water Quality
-Works in Deming, recently moved to Bellingham (less than 2 years city proper) What experience??? and to "learn" at our taxpayers time & monetary expenses?
- NEVER has voiced opinion on Marijuana Store Zoning: Current Issue!!
- Accepts any Contributions & all Endorsements that are offered - Everyone OWNS her.
- Same Democrat Droll about Social Services from her Tacoma Campaign
- Longtime Resident of Tacoma WA & thinks that city is similar to Bellingham!!
- Never owned business or worked in Bellingham. Limited experience with the white, blue, student & green collar business in town.



HotFudgeNubbins said...

Bob didn't win.

Strayer said...