phone still working..

so i went to wendy's for breakfast this weekend of biscuits & gravy.

then i came home and on sunday, called time warner. talked to 1 person this time. that seemed odd in itself. jamal is my new BFF because he told me that even though my phone was still on, i hadn't been paying for it since i called to cancel last sunday, [JOY!!] and he was going to save me about 5 bucks on both my cable and internet. OMG!! i can't wait...

it's to bad sarcasm is hard to write. he was nice but i'm not holding my breath about me not paying until i get my bill. as to the other savings, i'm going to wait for all my extra channels to "disappear" and my internet to dial now (not my silent/speedy cable connection). we'll see.

new post on HB Reggae Blog ! check it out!!

i got a call from my bro. the lucky bastard has been in jackson hole for 5 days with 2 days left to go! his buddy E is doing some dj-ing and has a good friend that lives there. so they've got the hook-up. i'm jealous..not of getting to go somewhere cold, but that my friends aren't paying for me to go on trips with them! LOL come-on V....you know you wanna haha.

i'm still sinusey and feel like crap. N's finally doing better and not coughing as much, so it looks like i've got a week left until i'm at that point. this weekend my right ear has been randomly "not woking" and hurting. so i'm sure it's part of this crap. i dug out the water bottle and have been using that with my naproxen. today i woke up not hearing but at least it wasn't hurting!

ab & uj are back but i've felt like such crap i haven't called. i know they had some stuff to do last week. hopefully that's all squared away. we're going to big bear next friday! half day at work then we're outta here. wish for no rain or wind--but sun and snow! the drive up the mountain is insane to say the least. there are 3 routes and we've tried 2 already and both gave me panic attacks. the third is longer but might be better if there's snow.

hope the rest of your sunday is chill!

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