santa ana's...

LOVE them!!!
they were blowing the past couple days. drying everything out after our 2+ weeks of rain. i know, i know. but, we did get about 2.33 inches from july-october just this year....hence the ant move-in. we're still seeing a few everyday. nothing like last friday. the oxy clean stain remover kills them pretty good. ii see carcases in the morning which makes me happy. tim is still great at spotting them, but refuses to eat them! can't do anything for his rent, geezzz.

we had our halloween party at work today. it was required we dress up. that takes all the fun out for me. whatever. i had a giant inflatable cowboy/girl hat i got at target for $8. threw on jeans, blue button up shirt, black banana & my galoshes. i was the urban cowgirl. my head boss requested coffee, so off i went to starbucks --- in costume [i'd actually just finished getting it on since i didn't wear it in]. what timing. i did get the chance to say howdy to a few folks. most people i saw on the way complemented it. that was nice..not expected, but i guess the hat was a little big.  :)

in a week N's folks will be down for the weekend. they are driving their truck with the new 5th wheel. tosha dog will be joining them also. it should be a nice drive before the winter starts. we can't wait to see them!

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American Foodie in Gent said...

I laughed out loud at the thought of you in a blow up cowgirl hat-LOVE it!!! It beats the Zombie costume last year:)

We had friets the other day with Andalous sauce, a mayo-based sauce, it was sooo good and I thought of you so when you guys get here you'll have to try it.

Don't worry about the ants, they'll leave soon now that it stopped raining:)