tim is coming....

Strayer's brother is donating his flying miles for her and Tim to fly down on Halloween. she will drop him off, have a couple hours to see our place & eat then fly back up to OR-- all in the same day! what a trip for sure!!

here's the crazy thing...my first cat-Pepper (had him for 15 yrs until he had to be put to sleep because of his kidneys) we saw on Halloween! we were out trick or treating with my mom. she loves to talk to people so she started chatting with another family out since they had a cat & her kittens following them. the lady explained they had kittens but needed to find them homes. by some miracle my mom said i could have a cat (for my brother bday 11/1, we always each got 1 gift on the others bday). the catch was i had to go to these peoples house alone and get it. i was about 10 so not super young and the house was only a couple block from ours. unfortunately they had a dog..who barked..loudly. i was too scared to go in the yard and begged my brother to come with me. he did & in we went --i picked the runt. my pepper-man. (i miss him so much still...tearing up now even). i digress....it all comes around since we'll be getting our new man cat the same time but years later.

here's a couple pics of him at her place.

in other exciting addition news...little b will be a big sister next year! probably around june. i'm pushing for the 25th since she can schedule the c-sect. very exciting stuff...and the noisy neighbors will be leaving!


Anonymous said...

congratulations! Tim is one lucky boy! He's going to love his new home! Strayer and her brother are awesome!

Anonymous said...

you need another boy in the house
hope that he is happy with his new sisters


Strayer said...

I can't wait to meet you, Kate, and Tim will love it there with you. He's awesome, laid back, likes delivered meals in bed, although he does jump up and down off the bed like it's nothing, with his three legs. Getting excited!

HB Livin' said...

now we'll have voices to put with our pictures :) we are very excited! we'll have time to drive to the beach and ned will be cat monitoring if we want to be tourists for a little while. i hope & pray to whatever listens that the flight is smooth both ways! weezie & hooka as so excited too..not really but whatever.